Capable of Helping Communities, Companies & Countries Bank With Alternative Values, Payments & more.

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Bank Tangible Assets

Create digital units of any tangible asset, bank, store & transact it like a currency

Hybrid Value Stores

Bank digital values & FIAT on the same platform. Transact with old tech or super-apps.

White Labeled

Operate your brand on all of our technology systems as if it is your very own.

Open API’s & Integrations

Build your own apps, interfaces or extended services through our open API's.

Probably the best digital banking platform for alternative values.

Our Digital Banking Platform is part of a state-of-the-art Fintech Ecosystem, now also available in white label format. It has never been so quick and simple for any institute or community to create, store and provide various alternative digital currencies on a global basis at scale.

Digitize any tangible asset

Create and configure digital units based on any tangible asset. Store & transact the units of value on the banking platform.

Create Institute, Configure & Define

A new currency-silo is created within days. Accounts, transaction-types, profiles, rules and more created and configured.

Launch various digital currencies

Instantly launch customer and merchant account services and start transacting the digital currencies on the extensive ecosystem.

Innovative Ecosystem-connected Interfaces and applications

Multi-tenant White Labeled

Branded institutes set up and made available within just a few days.

Configurable Super-apps

Lifestyle-based super apps that are highly customizable and configured to the relevant account profiles.

Comprehensive Merchant & Payment Services

Extensive account and transaction services for both customers and merchants. Quick on-boarding and self -registration capabilities.

Unlimited White Label Options

Get your own version of all the features and services
More Affordable
Typical MVP Setup

Subscribe or Launch your own Groundbreaking Solution

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One platform, banking many different digital currencies and values

Create a virtual currency for anything
Virtiply Branded Lifestyle, Customer & Merchant Apps

Subscribe to our system with a comprehensive super app for customer and merchant account operation or sign-up to operate your own white label version.

Typical White Labeled versions of the Virtiply apps.

It has never been easier to sign-up for your own white labeled super app and enjoy all the features and functionalities of the full Virtiply solutions suite.

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